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Triad of Creation has been updated to 2.7.3
Crates completely balanced and lots of new rewards in them and Added 3 Jobs which have their own ability
Read more here: Forum Post

Triad of Creation has been updated to 2.7.2
With a Completely new Gyms Mechanic and the start of Golden Week
Read more here: Forum Post

Hello folks!
This time we got Triad of Creation 2.7.1 The Database Update!
This has some minor updates to plugins, config
and some database changes :3
Server List which is how the server looks in Minecraft Multiplayer Tab was modified.

-Server List was modified to include a hover msg when hovered over player count
-Server List was modified with new stuff in it
-Legend spawning was buffed lil bit after last weeks nerf
-The shop has some new items
-Spawn is fixed, so you can throw Pokemon out in spawn now
-All EVs received from EV Domes are now doubled
-Ditto's now spawn at Mushroom Island and spawn more here than at Savanahh
-New Mounts

New Mounts

Land Mount:
Water Mount:
Flying Mount:
Troll Mounts:
-Joltik -Flying
-Wailord -Flying

Troll mounts will be Temporary and will be kept depending how much players like it.
To suggest any changes for next database edit go here:
Gyms are up and running with 5 Gym leaders finalized
If you wanna be a part of them apply here:

Oh and Project Rune is coming along great.

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