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Hello folks!
This time we got Triad of Creation 2.7.1 The Database Update!
This has some minor updates to plugins, config
and some database changes :3
Server List which is how the server looks in Minecraft Multiplayer Tab was modified.

-Server List was modified to include a hover msg when hovered over player count
-Server List was modified with new stuff in it
-Legend spawning was buffed lil bit after last weeks nerf
-The shop has some new items
-Spawn is fixed, so you can throw Pokemon out in spawn now
-All EVs received from EV Domes are now doubled
-New Mounts

New Mounts

Land Mount:
Water Mount:
Flying Mount:
Troll Mounts:
-Joltik -Flying
-Wailord -Flying

Troll mounts will be Temporary and will be kept depending how much players like it.
To suggest any changes for next database edit go here:
Gyms are up and running with 5 Gym leaders finalized
If you wanna be a part of them apply here:

Oh and Project Rune is coming along great.

Hello folks!
This week we got "The Food & Gyms Update"!
This update finishes a lot of stuff that was currently being worked on and many internal bug fixes.

-Concur Auctions has been fixed with all found bugs
-Two new events were added to the server and will be activated depending on the Online Player count
-Your Pokedex count was added to the scoreboard on the right side
-Two new Jobs were added Farmer and Lumberjack
-Jobs were balanced to higher levels in a job actually gives more stuff, more details below
-Gyms are fully done and we have some Gym Leaders position filled already, do /gymlist for info
-Two new warps were added Gyms and MysticFalls, more details on MysticFalls below
-Pixelmon Spawning was increased a lot and Legendary spawns were decreased a bit
-Crates were balanced a bit more on the higher side
-Shop prices were remade to fix the Economy of the server and new items and NPC were added
-A lil change on the Store of the Server

Kits in Legend Crate will be changed next week.
Move tutor which will have all moves will be added to Temporal Tower in EV Domes by tomorrow.
A Starter guide was added in firstjoinkit and kit claim.

So we added hunger some updates ago but we never gave any specific way to obtain food.
This is cause we wanted all our players to enjoy a different way to get food and that's what MysticFalls will do.
To get here you do /warp MysticFalls or do /warps and click on it, this will charge you 5000 Pokedollars in the game but once you are here you can stay for as long as you like unless you leave and come back it won't charge you again. You cannot use any of your commands here so to leave you right a sign which is placed randomly throughout the whole place. Here you will have many vanilla mobs spawning which you can kill to get food. There are other mobs spawning too like {why not find it yourselves xD}. There are many secrets surrounding this place but you have to find them yourselves. Sometimes you cannot do it alone, get someone you know to do it with ya. It is said that in that Giant Crater at the top of the mountain Deoxys once crash landed allowing tamable mobs to spawn there, where this exactly is... is still a secret, though.
BTW This whole killing mobs thing...maybe a hint of something big... Just Saiyan :3

Lumberjack and Farmer were added which are pretty self-explanatory. KEEP IN MIND leaving a job resets your levels for that job, this aspect is similar to IRL where if left once you mostly have to start from scratch. The rewards you receive for a higher level of your job was increased as mentioned above.

Gym Battles can now be accepted if the leader can. To check the leaders and Gyms available to /gymlist and you can check badges you have by doing /checkbadges
All official will have a set of rules to which there will be a forum guide soon.
All Gyms Battles will be spectated by a Staff member who will stand as a referee. Matches without a staff member watching will not be counted as official and no Gyms badge will be provided
All Gyms Battles should be done in their respective Gyms which were built by out Head Builder which can be accessed by doing /warp Gyms or /warps then clicking Gyms, failing to do so will count that match as unofficial and no badge will be provided.
A more detailed guide will be in forums soon which will include about Elite Four and Champion Title as well.

Three Cheers to the whole Team and our Head Builder!

Hello folks!
This week I got The Auctions Update!
First, I know Auctioning Items was something we were missing,
So was working on a new Plugin for a while and its done now
I present you Concur Auctions!
This is my second Plugin so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please do tell so I can work on it.
That being said I couldn't do much other stuff cause of that... so this week so not many changes.

-Added Concur Auctions
-Balanced crates so Egg Crate gives decent stuff and keys too
-Donor kits fully added
-Added Unlimited Homes to The Store
-Added Legendary Crate Key to The Store, this is not to be confused with Legend Crate Key
-Changed some other stuff in Store

Here a bit more on Concur Auctions
All Commands start with the main command like "/concurauctions auction {money}" or "/ca bid {player} {money}" or "/concur list" the {player} tag here means who auctions you wanna bid on and {money} is how much you wanna bid.
When you auction something it will stay there so people can bid on it.

Concur Auction Commands:
-/concurauctions or /ca or /concura or /cauction to check the details, this is the main command Example: "/ca"
-"auction" or "a" this is used to auction followed by {money} Example: "/ca a 1000"
-"bid" or "b" this is used for bidding followed by {player} and {money} respectively. Example: "/ca b Ashmit 2000"
-"acceptbid" or "ab" or "accept" or "acceptb" this ends the auctions accepting the highest bid you auction received. Example: "/ca ab"
-"hideauctions" or "ha" or "hide" or "hidea" this will hide all auctions related message from main chat, like when someone auctions or bids. Example: "/ca hide"
-"listauctions" or "list" or "lista" this will list all the current auctions available with information so you can bid on them if needed. Example: "/ca list"
-"cancelauctions" or "cancela" or "ca" this basically cancel your auction. Example: "/ca cancel"

Currently thinking of making an Auction House Command with Inventory GUI, if I get it right will update the plugin and remove "list" command.
Concur Auctions will be Module of something big I will start working on Soon, This plugin will be called Concur and will contain many such modules.
Gyms are done so everyone who got accepted will start getting ranks this week. If you wanna apply for a position:
If your app is on hold with no reply yet, you will get one this week.
Also happy to announce two people joined my Team and they will completely work on next week's update so look forward to that! I know I am xD

Oh and BTW Project Rune.

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